Midway is the Leading Hispanic Health & Beauty Care Products Distributor in the United States!

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Since 1989 Midway Importing has help define the Hispanic Health & Beauty Care products category for retailers across the United States. Hispanic shoppers want brands that they know and trust and Midway helps retailers provide the right mix of products for their Hispanic shoppers and create long-term relationships.

Our team is dedicated to finding the very best Spanish products from their country’s of origin and distributing across retailers nationwide. We package these Hispanic HBC brands with comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns for the leading Spanish language advertising networks nationwide. These Hispanic Health & Beauty offerings are supported with in-store tailored merchandising, creative display & action isle features, and the logistical support required to keep retailers shelves fresh and full.


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Trusted Hispanic Brands, The Right Product Mix, Coordinated perfectly with Advertising and Marketing.

Midway Importing | Hispanic Health & Beauty Care Products Distributor

Midway 32 Years

of Growth

Building Brands and Growing Sales

As the #1 Hispanic HBC Distributor

In 1989 Midway started with a single line of products and a handful of employees. Today we service retailers nationwide with over 250 employees and 500 products. We are currently operating with distribution centers in Houston and Los Angeles helping to connect over 90 sales merchandisers covering 47 contiguous states. Midway has the resources to treat each of your stores like they are our own. We take pride in each store, each set, each feature, and most importantly each Hispanic HBC product that we represent.
We each take responsibility for leadership in our own area of responsibility with a deep commitment to deliver quality results
We are honest and straightforward with each other and uphold the values and principles of Midway in every action and decision.
We have a passion for winning and are determined to be the best in the Hispanic health and beauty products market.
We believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust.
Midway’s mission is to provide top Hispanic Health and Beauty Care products to improve the lives of the U.S. Hispanic consumer.


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Strong Retail Merchandising is having someone who understands the science of merchandising to your target audience

Point of Purchase (PoP) Marketing

In-store Action Aisle Displays and Features

Midway can provide your location with excellent Point of Purchase Marketing Solutions specialized to not only draw the customers attention but help highlight New Products, Special Offers, Seasons, Holidays, or even Special Events. Combined with our excellent Hispanic Health and Beauty Care Product mix we believe this is a great way to stay in front of your targeted audience.
Midway believes in being adaptable with our efforts is one of the most important goals in an effective Marketing Strategy. We help to provide agile marketing efforts with our displays that are flexible and empowers growth all while engaging with our targeted audience.

Midway People = Midway Success

Having the ability to work with a vendor who provides fully tailored services nationwide is not common in this industry. We are ecstatic to have Midway Importing as our Hispanic HBC merchandising partner, and wish all of our vendors worked as efficiently as they do. Thank you Midway!
Regional Manager of National Grocery Chain
Midway has helped expand my knowledge & skills, provided unparalleled opportunities, and most importantly welcomed me into their large family. I am forever grateful.
Midway Employee
Joining the Midway team has allowed me to increase the sales of my product 30-40% year over year, for the past five years. They are able to provide any manufacturer the opportunity to grow and expand their brands unmatched services.
Hispanic HBC Manufacturer
Midway Importing is the #1 Hispanic Products Distributors in the United States of Health Care and Beauty Products. Midway carries over 800 Hispanic HBC Products to retailers across the nation. We have over 250 employees focused on making us the very best distributor in the Hispanic Health & Beauty Care Products category and the ultimate Multicultural HBC Product Importers in the world. As a Hispanic Products Distributor Midway carries Mexican Products, Latin Products, and Caribbean Products in our planogram mixes. Midway Importing is a Hispanic Product Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Product Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Product Wholesale Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Product Wholesale Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Wholesale Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Wholesale Products Distributor, Mexican Products, Mexican Products Wholesale, Latin Products, Hispanic Products, Mexican Products Distributors, Hispanic Products Distributors, Hispanic Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin-care Products , Hispanic Skin Care Products , Hispanic Beauty Products , Hispanic  Health & Beauty Care Product Importers, Mexican Health & Beauty Care Product Importers, Hispanic  Health and Beauty Care Product Importers, Hispanic HBC Products , Hispanic HBC Products Distribution, Hispanic HBC Products Distributor, Hispanic HBC Products Importer Hispanic Beautycare Products Distributor, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Beautycare Products Importer, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Importer, Hispanic Beautycare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health Care Products , Hispanic Health Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Health Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Health Care Products Importer, Hispanic Health Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health Products , Hispanic Health Products Distribution, Hispanic Health Products Distributor, Hispanic Health Products Importer, Hispanic Health Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Healthcare Products , Hispanic Health-Care Products , Hispanic Healthcare Products Distribution, Hispanic Health-Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Healthcare Products Distributor, Hispanic Health-Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Healthcare Products Importer, Hispanic Health-Care Products Importer, Hispanic Healthcare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health-Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Product Importers, Hispanic Product Marketing, Hispanic Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin Care Products Importer, Hispanic Skin Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin Products , Hispanic Skin Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin Products Importer, Hispanic Skin Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skincare Products , Hispanic Skincare Products Distribution, Hispanic Skincare Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin-care Products Distributor, Hispanic Skincare Products Importer, Hispanic Skin-care Products Importer, Hispanic Skincare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin-care Products Wholesaler, JJ, JJJ, Latin Products Marketing, Latin Products Sales, Mexican Product Marketing, Mexican Products Wholesaler, Perlop, Vitacilina, Wholesale Skin Care Distributors,Health & Beauty, Health and Beauty, Asepxia, Astrazeneca, Bedoyecta, Cheap Hispanic Products, Cicatricure, Colageina 10, Define Midway, Genomma Lab, Genomma Lab Productos, Genomma Labs, Geomma Laboratories, Hispanic  Baby Care Product Importers, Hispanic  Baby Care Product Marketing, Hispanic  Baby Product Importers, Hispanic  Baby Product Marketing, Hispanic  Babycare Product Importers