Why Midway?

Midway Importing is the leading Hispanic Health & Beauty Care Distributor in the United States because we are dedicated towards providing the best mix of Hispanic HBC products at the right price for consumers. We have achieved unmatched success for over 25 years by complementing our Hispanic brands with excellent merchandising services, and a comprehensive marketing program.

Here at Midway we are truly a family, committed to improving the lives of the US Hispanic consumer. By joining the Midway team you will instantly begin to see the true Value our strategy offers. Help take ownership in delivering quality results. Have integrity and trust that as a team we are empowering a new generation of customer products. Lastly you’ll obtain a passion for winning, a dedication towards representing the best Hispanic Health & Beauty Care products on the market.

Are you ready?

Top Brands

Being a part of the Hispanic community for over 25 years has helped Midway obtain industry knowledge that cannot be matched anywhere else. We stand by our Hispanic HBC products and our promise to provide the best brands the market has to offer. A great Hispanic products distribution strategy has a foundation of well-known and trusted brands and that is exactly what Midway offers.

Top Hispanic HBC Brands

Moco de Gorila | XL-3 | Ricitos | Broncolin | Avena | Grisi Kids | Vitacilina | Derman

The Right Mix

It is one thing to select the top Hispanic Health and Beauty Care products, it is another to provide the best tailored Mix of those brands and distribute through retailers across the nation. Here at Midway we take a very detailed and analytical approach towards understand each region, neighborhood, and store. This has left to providing the best Hispanic Health & Beauty Care mix of products on the market today. We emulate this strategy through our dedicated sales merchandising associates located throughout the nation, ready to cater to your every request.

Comprehensive Marketing Program

When partnering with Midway Importing you are not only receiving the best Hispanic Health & Beauty Care products on the market, nor the very best customer service our dedicated team can provide. You are receiving an extensive, and very comprehensive Marketing Program to help promote, excel, and demonstrate any Hispanic HBC brand.

Marketing & Advertising

Our Marketing department works very closely with all Spanish speaking television & radio networks to provide the best advertising possibilities nationwide.

In store Demonstrations

Midway hosts over 200 in store product demonstrations, and promotional events nationwide a year. Our Demo Team is fully trained to demonstrate, promote, and, graciously interact in efforts to enhance the consumer experience.

Tailored Merchandising

We are committed to providing the best marketing efforts and brand awareness possible. This helps our marketing strategy come around full circle with in store Hispanic HBC tailored marketing. Midway is fully aware of maximizing merchandising approaches to provide effective results.

Midway Importing is the #1 Hispanic Products Distributors in the United States of Health Care and Beauty Products. Midway carries over 800 Hispanic HBC Products to retailers across the nation. We have over 250 employees focused on making us the very best distributor in the Hispanic Health & Beauty Care Products category and the ultimate Multicultural HBC Product Importers in the world. As a Hispanic Products Distributor Midway carries Mexican Products, Latin Products, and Caribbean Products in our planogram mixes. Midway Importing is a Hispanic Product Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Product Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Product Wholesale Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Product Wholesale Distributor, Midway Importing is a Hispanic Wholesale Products Distributor, Midway Importing is a Mexican Wholesale Products Distributor, Mexican Products, Mexican Products Wholesale, Latin Products, Hispanic Products, Mexican Products Distributors, Hispanic Products Distributors, Hispanic Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin-care Products , Hispanic Skin Care Products , Hispanic Beauty Products , Hispanic  Health & Beauty Care Product Importers, Mexican Health & Beauty Care Product Importers, Hispanic  Health and Beauty Care Product Importers, Hispanic HBC Products , Hispanic HBC Products Distribution, Hispanic HBC Products Distributor, Hispanic HBC Products Importer Hispanic Beautycare Products Distributor, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Beautycare Products Importer, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Importer, Hispanic Beautycare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Beauty-Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health Care Products , Hispanic Health Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Health Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Health Care Products Importer, Hispanic Health Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health Products , Hispanic Health Products Distribution, Hispanic Health Products Distributor, Hispanic Health Products Importer, Hispanic Health Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Healthcare Products , Hispanic Health-Care Products , Hispanic Healthcare Products Distribution, Hispanic Health-Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Healthcare Products Distributor, Hispanic Health-Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Healthcare Products Importer, Hispanic Health-Care Products Importer, Hispanic Healthcare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Health-Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Product Importers, Hispanic Product Marketing, Hispanic Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin Care Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin Care Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin Care Products Importer, Hispanic Skin Care Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin Products , Hispanic Skin Products Distribution, Hispanic Skin Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin Products Importer, Hispanic Skin Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skincare Products , Hispanic Skincare Products Distribution, Hispanic Skincare Products Distributor, Hispanic Skin-care Products Distributor, Hispanic Skincare Products Importer, Hispanic Skin-care Products Importer, Hispanic Skincare Products Wholesaler, Hispanic Skin-care Products Wholesaler, JJ, JJJ, Latin Products Marketing, Latin Products Sales, Mexican Product Marketing, Mexican Products Wholesaler, Perlop, Vitacilina, Wholesale Skin Care Distributors