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Houston, Texas (July 15, 2015), Midway Importing, Inc., a leader in the Hispanic Health and Beauty Care category, will participate in the NACDS Total Store Expo on August 22nd through the 25th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

“The Hispanic market continues to grow and we believe that retailers need to continuously update their approach to serving this important segment to remain competitive.  Midway’s message is “Total Hispanic HBC”  to let retailers know that we will work with them to create a total Hispanic strategy for their Health & Beauty Care category”, stated Richard Hartmann, Chief Strategist for Midway Importing, Inc.

Midway will highlight their Hispanic HBC strategy in Booth 3457, including sample sets, promotional displays, advertisements, and information on how the Midway merchandising and logistical team can work with your stores.

According to Chris Hartmann, Midway Importing CEO, “Midway Importing has been assisting retailers with a comprehensive Hispanic Health & Beauty care program for over 26 years.  We are in the business of increasing store sales by attracting and returning Hispanic shoppers and increasing sales per shopper.”

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About Midway Importing, Inc.

Midway Importing’s Hispanic Program provides retailers with a broad range of competitively sourced brands – each with a strong following in their country of origin, all backed by comprehensive advertising, marketing and distribution programs and supported with hands-on in-store merchandising services.

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